SULA MS 322 is dedicated to fostering student success by providing a solid academic foundation and maximizing intellectual potential in each individual within a nurturing yet academically challenging environment.

As a flagship community school SULA MS 322 cares deeply about literacy skills. ELA department provides a solid literacy foundation which actively engages our students in meaningful reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Using our four literacy modalities students will think critically about the academic disciplines as well as the real-world literacy application.

Please refer to ELA curriculum maps :

ELA curriculum 6 grade reading and writing.pdf

Grade 6 Reading and Writing

SULA 322 ELA writing.pdf

7th Grade Writing

SULA 322 7th grade ELA reading.pdf

7th Grade Reading

SULA 322 8th grade writing.pdf

8th Grade Writing

SULA 322 8th grade reading.pdf

8th Grade Reading