Message from Dean Baboulis:

S.U.L.A. Middle School 322 is dedicated to providing an upbeat safe and secure environment for each and everyone of our students. Over the past three years, Mr. Oliver and myself have cultivated a positive learning community which will continue to grow.

Message from the Dean Oliver:

The academic deans at SULA are committed to ensuring the success of all of our students. SULA provides a safe and nurturing environment that motivates all learners.

Please refer to the link below for NYCDOE Student Discipline Code:

SULA 322 has a uniform policy.

The 6th and the 7th grade students are wearing burgundy polo shirt or sweatshirt with SULA logo on it and khaki pants.

The 8th grade students are wearing blue polo shirt or blue sweatshirt and khaki pants.

The uniform policy is strictly enforced.

To purchase the uniforms please contact the parent coordinator in the main office.