Special Services

Speech Therapy

SULA 322 provides mandated speech therapy services for children in the school. Our speech department works together with students, teachers, and administrators in and out of the classroom to make sure that each child on their caseload is provided with the tools and skills necessary to succeed academically. In conjunction with other educators, they develop individualized education plans (IEPs) that best serve each student’s individualized speech and language needs so that they may access the curriculum. Students’ goals range from increasing reading comprehension, improving writing abilities, acquisition of grade level vocabulary, improving sound and word production, increasing classroom participation and social skills, and implementing organizational strategies for academic purposes. Students learn a variety of strategies during speech sessions that they carry over into their classwork and homework. Our speech therapists love working with the students and staff from M322!

School Counselor

SULA 322 provides a comprehensive guidance program that will assist all students in acquiring the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to become effective students, responsible citizens, productive workers, and lifelong learners. The counselling program is an integral part of the educational process, with the commitment to education, individuality and helping each student to reach their maximum potential. With collaborative and cooperative relationships, the program strives to meet the academic, personal/social, and career needs of every student. The program’s ultimate goal is for students to master the competencies necessary to be able to make self-directed, realistic, and responsible decisions and to be successful contributors to society.

School Psychologist

SULA 322 helps it students to deal with various behavioral issues, learning difficulties, disabilities, emotional problems, and other concerns. Our school psychologist will provide counseling, mentoring, and instructional services to help promote wellness by reinforcing strong communication, problem-solving, anger management, self-regulation, or social skills.